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Selling my 2012 Pro Angler 14'

Plenty stable enough to stand up and cast or throw a cast net.

Great condition. This was a demo boat, so it has a couple of demo stamps on it. It has one pretty good scratch that was on it when I bought it, but other than that it is in great condition with just normal usage scratches.

Includes all the tackle boxes and hobie paddle, etc that the boat came with.

Upgrades include: 3 Ram rod holders, hobie cart, seat slide attachment, hobie anchor kit, hobie anchor trolley (not yet installed), Hobie/Ram wedge mount (fits in sailing mast tube). I'll throw in extra hobie fins and masts I have (standard length).

Also includes a homemade base with PVC runners that I used as a "seat" for the boat on the trailer. Would be great for storing the kayak also instead of putting it on the floor of the garage.

I slayed a lot of fish from this boat. Only selling it because I bought a small aluminum boat so I can fish with my old man.

Who wants it?


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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