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2014 yamaha pro series ii analog speedometer - $70

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2014 yamaha pro series ii analog speedometer - $60

Yamaha Pro Series II Analog Speedometer Gauge taken off of my 2014 boat with 19.4 hours when switched to Yamaha Smart Gauges. Gauge is in excellent operational and cosmetic shape. Comes with factory water tubing from speedometer to engine, not shown in pictures

Yamaha 6Y7-83510-10-00 Pro Series II 0-75MPH Speedometer MSRP $105.60

Yamaha's Pro Series II quality instrumentation provides you with high accuracy, and easy readability in virtually all conditions. Distinctive appearance will complement any dash. Direct faceplate illumination on every gauge allows easy night-time viewing. WHITE FACE.


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Price reduced to $60
Do you have any idea if this would work on a 01 Yamaha?
I know the speedometer will work, just water pressure that drives it, only wires are for light, as long as a positive for instrument light and a negative are provided, it should work. If any doubt, may want to contact a dealer. Here is the 2014 rigging catalog
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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