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Up for sale is my 2015 model Jackson Cuda 14-foot fishing kayak. I love it, and though I've got a boat to fish from, I'll prob get another one of these in the future. This kayak is very stable, and it tracks well. I bought mine new from Great Outdoor Provision Co. in Wilmington.

About 2 months after buying it my fishing partner backed his truck up and squeezed the nose of the kayak, pictured. (This is reflected in price and what it comes with) It's in otherwise good condition, and the performance of the boat is not affected at all. I've used it for a little over a year since that time, no leaks or issues at all. Boat comes with new seat for 2015/lumbar support. One RAM tube is MIA I might be able to locate it though.

I've caught many fish from it, a lot of them posted on the site, and it has normal usage wear. I live 5 mins to Carolina Beach State Park, and you're welcome to give it a test run at the park. I don't mind transporting it there for serious inquiries. I'm also including the trailer hitch extend-a-bed, and comes with paddle. $800.00 cash to own it. Thanks!

Message here, or texting me is a better way to get in touch. 336-552-3684


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