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24hr Striper Roadtrip

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I had just got done cleaning my gear and rebuilding some Gotcha plugs, when I got that feelin. You know the one you get when you have been off your Meds. Told the wife I had to go the work, her reply " I was the only person that packed fishing gear to go the work". 1/8 Headed to CBBT Seagull pier, to fish the falling tide at dark. Just like clock work 7:30pm the Spripers started to bite, fished until about midnight . All caught on a Gotcha plug slow pull , Swim baits Noda and headed back to the house. Caught 15 Stripers All Legal, But out of season. Biggest 22 inches 5.1 oz. ( fat fish ) Not bad for an ol' Pier Rat. Round trip 675 miles 23 hours and change. Wife didn't even look upset at lunch today. If the weather is right, who knows where might have to work next. <(())<<
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and THAT my friends is how it's done!!!!!!!!!!+
Nice report Hammerlane, glad you caught 'em up
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