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May 31, 2006

The Coastal Conservation Association of North Carolina (CCA NC) continued its support of Fish For Tomorrow's Southern Flounder Hatchery today with a donation of $2,500 to help with the stock enhancement program already underway. This is the second donation in 2006 to Fish For Tomorrow making the combined total contribution $5,000. In 2005, in conjunction with an aquaculture program at South Brunswick High School, the hatchery was started to raise fingerling southern flounder in a secure environment in order to release them into the wild to help sustain the species in NC's waters.

Today, the southern flounder is one of NC's most sought after species by recreational and commercial anglers alike. The current status of the species in our waters is dire as the southern flounder has been over-fished for the last thirteen years. CCA NC is committed to the preservation of the southern flounder and recognizes the species as a top priority for its organization. CCA NC's President Bill Mandulak states, "CCA NC is committed to the recovery of the Southern Flounder stock. The Southern Flounder hatchery will help prove the viability of stock enhancement for this species. Stock enhancement, along with reasonable regulation of both the recreational and commercial fishermen, will assure that the future of Southern Flounder will be a very bright one."

CCA NC is determined to continue working with the NC Division of Marine Fisheries, the Marine Fisheries Commission to ensure a viable future for the southern flounder. Through donations as well as publicity, CCA NC is committed to working with the Southern Flounder Hatchery and its attempts at restocking our state's most popular fish for the benefit of future generations.
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