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The second largest bluefin ever tagged off North Carolina during Tag-A-Giant Conservation series occurred Jan. 3, 2009. TAG has been coming to NC for fourtens years.

The fish was guess-ta-mated to weigh 675-700lbs. It was caught aboard the Morehead City charter boat, The Sensation with Captain Dale Britt.
Naked bally-hoo in 55-60 degree water about 40 feet off of Bogue Banks.

You'll be able to see the fish being caught on TV. TAG and the Discovery Channels's, "Modern Marvels" is doing a special on Bluefin Tuna. Location shooting in Japan, Australia and NC. I was hired to be the producer in charge of the North Carolina shoot. I was on-board the Sensation, with camera when the fish was caught

Tag-A-Giant Foundation: Tag-A-Giant Foundation
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