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3/26 & 3/29 Report: Lake Bond Success & Falls Lake Skunk

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I fished Bond on Thursday before that front rolled through. Had a tough time overall w/ the 20 MPH winds. I saw a couple big girls spawning, but I left them to do their thing. I want those genes to be reproduced. Ended up catching 2 in the 2 hrs I fished. One was just under 6 and the other was about 3.5. Both were plump and hadn't spawned out yet. Both caught on white double willow spinners.

Went to falls yesterday from about 11-6, and it was tough. Water temp really cooled off a lot the past couple days, and they were shut down hard. I tried New Light, Hwy 50 rip rap, upper barton, main lake, spawning pockets, creek channel timber, and I just couldn't figure them out. I threw crankbaits, plastics, spinners, a jerkbait, and a red eye shad with no luck. In hindsight, I should have spent more time fishing slow around structure. Out of all the area lakes Falls always seems to give me the most trouble when bass fishing. I can't seem to consistently develop patterns there like I can with the others. O well...that just means I need to get out there more and figure them out. I've got a club tourney out there next weekend so hopefully I'll be able to sooner rather than later. Ha


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Well when you can figure them out please share. This year I have been skunked at falls, I've decided not to put in a upper barton creek any more and will only fish a falls when the water is high and put in a ledge rock. 3 different times skunked and "fead up" w/ falls. Last year at falls one trip I caught 6lb, 3-4lb, 5lb and hand full of fat 2lbers. Going to Buckhorn in Wilson until someone can help.

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