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Saturday I decided to go out on the Pamlico and try to catch some flounder. We (myself and another yaker) left out about 5am. We arrived to our destination around 6:15 and was casting by 6:30. What a beautiful morning! It was calm with no first! :D

We fished and fished and fished and fished.....talked a while and fished some more. by 8:30, NOTHING.

Then, all of a sudden, I casted and jigged and reeled.....FISH ON! I managed to get lucky enough to catch a 15" flounder and boy was I happy. :cool:

So happy in fact that once I removed the hook from his mouth, my rod tip straightened from the pressure I had on it and became a fixture at the bottom of the Pamlico. :eek:

Now I didn't want to lose a fish and a rod/reel. So I coolered my catch and jumped into the water to find my gear. After ten minutes of slow-walking the river bed, my rod was found! :cool:

So I learned a great lesson, have my gear secured! Especially when you have the leashes to do so.:p DUH!

I also uploaded some pics of the Ascend fs12t.

Water Boat Vehicle Beach Watercraft
Fluid Gas Bumper Plastic bottle Electric blue
Water Boat Vehicle Watercraft Naval architecture
Water Boat Watercraft Combat vehicle Naval architecture
Air gun Trigger Shotgun Gun barrel Machine gun
Water Boat Watercraft Vehicle Naval architecture
Food Snout Terrestrial animal Marine mammal Seafood
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