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5-3-14 Fontana Fished up the Tuck side today. Lots of fish, most caught trolling. Whites were at 12-16 feet and walleye were around 30-35. Wind was a real pain but at least the water was pretty clear. Slightly stained from the headwaters all the way to Goldmine. Tried to crawler and jig fish but the wind made it almost impossible so stuck with the trolling. The whites continue to be the bigguns, even spawned out they are still big. Earlier was better than later but who knows what might have been had the wind laid down. Spots were almost no shows, only had one, and one big smallie that hit a shad rap. Just don't seem to be the number of fish from T2 to Jenny Branch like there usually are this time of year, maybe they will show up. Next trip may head downlake and try and find fish around point 4 and 5. Water still at 61-65 so I suspect spots are still spawning, smallie was done. Glad for spring, even in the wind. Later Capt. James


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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