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Myself and 3 long time fishing buddies (including BigDave) conduct an annual foray somewhere to get away from it all. This year it was Bear Island. Eddie (yakattack flyflinger) joined us for 2 of the 5 days. We loaded up the yaks and my canoe with gear, put in at Hammocks on the cool 'stay dry' ramps and paddled the 3 miles up into the lagoon that bisects the eastern end of the island. Tough paddle out, particularly for this old man solo'ing 500 pounds of gear in my Old Town Saranac into the wind and incoming tide. We fished the marshes on some days, the far end of Bear that juts out into Bogue inlet another day and the surf in the evening. Using live finger mullet and gulp baits we caught a huge variety of species. Flounder, Specks, Grays, Reds, a ton of Blues, BSB's and the usual assortment of lizard fish, puffers and pins, even a nice Jack Crevale in the inlet itself and the adjoining marshes. But the most fun was had in the surf. With the steady SW winds things were pretty stirred up on Bear and on Saturday evening I found a honey hole where the fish were stacking up. You could be 30 yards either side of this rip and not catch a thing. The Reds were all 25-33 inches and the action was fast and furious at times with multiple hookups. All Reds were caught on c-rigged whole dead finger mullet on a circle hook. Some pics below.

Ran into pizzamanrob and his family while out on the island. Also met up with NCPierman who was kind enough to deliver us ice and fish with us on Day 3. He even borrowed a friends boat as his is undergoing engine repairs. That's what kind of folks we have on this forum. 2 Reds were sacrificed for nuggets at camp but the rest were all released. Here's some photos of the surf carnage and a view of Bear from the lagoon. Wonderful time!

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