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75 Trout Day

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One of the best days of fishing for Harold & me.
First 2 stops caught 37 Spikes.
Switched out lures & every lure worked.
Moved several times, next 7 spots, nothing, zero, nada.
Negative low tide, water was not moving.
But we did go to a honey hole.
Stop# 10 & found another 17 Spikes. Up our count to 50.
Pulled a fat 22", (CPR) amongst all those Spikes.

Stopped for lunch, before leaving.
Decide to give it one more cast
Harold now has a 18", then a 21" (CPR). We couldn't leave now.
Kept drifting this one area, that led to another 25 Spikes.

Bringing our total to 75 Spikes, a short Flounder, a small Blue & 3 keepers. All released.

This was on a day when the bite was supposed to be bad, go figure. ....... ICM

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Nice work Billy, looks like you used every lure in the tackle box....:D Some days they just want to eat and doesn't matter what the moon or stars say about it.
Scott, think you're right about them just waiting to eat.
At one point we tried not catching, that didn't work.

Pro Cure Shrimp on a Billy Bay & Storm Shrimps did most of the work.
Got away from trebles at stop #2, once we started putting numbers in the boat. .......ICM
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I hear you on the trebles, they get in the way after while. Last time we were in your area I used Storm shrimp in clear with orange belly, the specks tore it up. ProCure always give my lures a bath....:)
You even broke out the old school, green, curly tail grub.
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Flint, green curly tail seems to always work . ...... ICM
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if I ever fish a one lure inshore tourney it will be a green and fleck curly tail of some sort!! Nice catch!
Add another 25 Spikes today. From 3 different places, on several different lures. ....... ICM
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I will tell you something that is fun to do when they are biting like this. Fish the lure with the hooks off and see how long they hold onto it. I believe this is a good way to test scents like Procure by using it on some lures and not on others. When I use to fish bass tournaments we would almost always fish without hooks the few practice days before the tournament so they would bite again when it counted. I have actually landed (netted) many bass that would not let go of the lure even without hooks.
We tried not catching them today, switching out lures & they still chased up. ...... ICM
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