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Note* The story below I made up for a laugh, and is done with tongue firmly in cheek.

It is June, 2040. The North Carolina Spotted Bass Club is having their tenth annual team tournament at Lake Norman.
We are riding today with Ed and Bill, two veterans of many spotted bass tournaments.
They are cruising to their first spot when the water erupts right in front of their boat!
"Stop the boat!" Ed screams. " Look at that action!" Bill halts the craft, and the guys rush to the front, rods in hand. They begin to cast their top water baits into the schooling spots, and immediately both are hooked up!
They expertly get the double to the boat, and Ed grabs the measuring lazer from the glovebox.
"These might both keep," says Bill, and fish number one comes in at a little over ten inches, and is placed in the live well. Ed says, "dunno bout this ' un, he looks like a short fish". Sure enough, the spot is just under ten, and is released.
The men continue to cast to the feeding spots, which stay on top for several minutes, and soon the boys have their 20 fish limit, including their 15 inch kicker fish.
Still with much of the day to fish, they cruise looking for more schoolers, looking to cull some of the smaller ones.
By lunch, they had managed a couple of twelve inchers, and were feeling pretty good about themselves.
Rounding a point, they come upon their friends Chad and Eric, and asked how the day was going for them.
Eric replied, "We've caught over 50, but only 14 were keepers."
Ed told Eric how he wished they'd drop the limit from ten inches to nine, then they wished each other luck and went their separate ways.
By now the schooling activity had slowed, and Bill and Ed began bank beating, still hoping to cull a couple more fish.
There were no more bigger ones to be had this day, so the guys went on to the weigh in, where they found that Lady Luck was with them. They won the tourney with a 20 fish limit that weighed nearly 10 pounds! They also took big fish with the two pounder caught earlier in the morning.
As they drove home, the conversation turned of course, to bass fishing.
Ed said," My grandfather told me when I was a kid, that Norman used to have some of those big old bass like they have in Florida now." Bill replied, "Yeah, heard that myself. Some of them grow over 15 pounds!" Ed said, "What is it they're called?" Bill says, "Largemouth."
"They look a lot like our beloved spots, though, and not like the endangered smallmouth found in a few mountain rivers now."
Ed says, "Yeah, I caught one of those brown fish once on vacation at the New River. Tough fish, real acrobatic."
Bill told Ed that spotted bass have the potential to top 8 or 10 pounds, if conditions were right.
Ed said, "a ten pound spot!, Can you imagine that?"
Bill tells Ed that maybe they can plan a vacation trip to Florida to catch some of the bigger largemouth.
"Sounds good, " says Ed, but won't we have to go to a heavier line? I mean, four pound seems a bit light for
ten pound fish!"
Bill says he can order some online from Gander Swamp, since they don't sell freshwater line over six pounds in most places.
"Well," says Ed, "we need to do it. It's a long ride, but it may be worth it!"
Bill agrees to get things together, and the rest of the ride the boys talk about the trip, big bass that can break line, and other things rare in NC those future days..

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I think these spotted bass are doing something to your psyche. :rolleyes:

Hopefully that stays fictional!!
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Fisheries can change for better or worse over time. I watched an old Bassmaster classic from 86 or 87 on Lake Chickamagua in TN. Heavy hitters like Roland Martin and Rick Clunn were struggling to catch limits of fish and an 8-10 lb bag was very strong. Compare that with any major event there today, 10 lbs probably wouldnt get you in the top 100 in a 200 boat tourny.
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