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Sorry no pics since the 3 picture worthy were all caught after 9PM and I found even with flash pictures don't turn out so good.

Headed out at about 7PM. Started off with a buzz bait along a couple of banks seeing if anything would take it. No takers so moved to a point and decided to try the red eyed shad. Tossed it for a bit and moved onto a light action rod with a jjig than a small minnow crank and not a hit. The wind was blowing a bit and a few minutes later a torrential downpour is on me. I take shelter in the trees since trying to get to the car would mean getting soaked from head to toe. Hung out in the trees and finally rain blew past. About than another NCAngler showed up and I started working the senko. Saw a swirl and tossed right on it and bam a nice little dink skunk avoided. Kept working the same area for a while and another dink on the senko.

At about 9PM switched to buzz bait and moved to a couple of different spots with no luck. Finally about 915 I decide to try a spot I had lost a decent one a few weeks back at. G;ad I went to that spot second toss very close to the shore line bam a nice 1 pounder grabs on and is on good. Both main and trailer hooks were in him.

kept working the area a little longer and about 925 I am tossing into a very dark area and I hear the buzz and than Splash fish on. This one starts taking drag and the drag is set relatively tight so I know its 3+. Finally get it up onto the shore as it finally gets off the hook and hits the bank, I grab it and get it before it falls in to weigh it at a nice 3.25 pounds. Moved to another little cove and decided 5 more tosses. first toss and bam a nice 2 pounder. About than I see a flash of lighting and decide its time to head home and call it a night. Would have loved to stay longer since the bite seemed to pick up at about 915 and had 2 other misses yet tossing the senko in the area did not result in a bite.

I think tomorrow night I may stay home till about 830 and hit the lake till maybe 1030
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