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A five bass night

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Heard out at about 715PM to look for some topwater action. Arrived at one of my favorite spots, gonna need to clear out some grass in this area, and started working a frog since I was seeing a few swirls near the far bank under some trees. Counldn't get them interested in the frog so next tried a buzz bait and sexy dawg and not a blow up or anything.

Finally at 745 i decided to try the old red eye shad bad to the bone color in 1/2 inch. About 4 casts in a little 1/2 pounder nails the lure and the skunk is over. Two casts later SLAM another one on and this one has some attitude. It goes airborne 3 times early takes drag runs at least 4 times and finally after another couple or aerial displays finally get it landed nice 4.25#. Continued to work the red eye for another 15 minutes and decided to try back on top water. Nothing hit in this spot so moved down the lake to another area.

Started off working a frog again since there are some nice logs in the water and on my third cast I land the frog just on the side of the log and it falls into the water like a frog jumping off the log. Three twitches later and bam a nice 2# is on again a very good fight. Worked this spot from 815 till about 845 and moved to my final and last spot for the evening. Again tried the frog near some logs and no takers so decided to give the buzz bait a try. About 10 casts in SLAM a nice 4.1# grabs the bait and is running like crazy the water is very shallow in this spot and the fight was awesome. Finally get in landed take a picture ( not sure why I didn't take others and will post once I can sync my phone to computer ) and release the fish. I straigthen out the buzz bait and cast again and SLAM another fish on, back to back casts!!! This time just a 2.9# but again a great little fight in the shallow water and it swam under a stick and now I had fish and stick to deal with. Finally decided to let the fish run a little to see if it would untangle from the stick and it did finally and hauled it up weighed it and set it on its way. It was about 9PM and next cast had a small blowup and two more later an at 915 decided to head home pour a glass of wine and type up my adventures.

Nice to see a better bite last few outings have been tough to even get a nibble.
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With nights getting cooler it should pick up good.Early morning should have some good action all so.
With nights getting cooler it should pick up good.Early morning should have some good action all so.
Yea got 8 this morning all dinks and one 4 pounder

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