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I had the pleasure of spending some time with pappadave and Shu for the last few days. Wed afternoon I meet him and Shu for some bream fishing on Lake Hickory. I had the grandson of me Christopher and Shu hit it off from the beginning. They double teamed the bream around the dock for awhile, then went up on the bank to explore, and left the 4 inch brusiers to Dave and myself.

Thursday morning we headed out for Wilson Creek with the granddaughter (Wilma) going along for he first taste of trout fishing and only her second fishing trip ever. She caught 2 small rainbows at the first hole, after that her fishing was sporadic. She was only able to get in a few casts between other activities, such as trying to help Shu pick the right trail back to the car, checking the shallow water for elusive "crawdaddy monsters" and chasing minnows and tadpole.

This morning Dave Shu and I headed back out to a different DH stream once again we barely avoided the skunk due some considerate red-eyes and bream.
Never caught a trout and fewer than 10 fish total. One of the best couple of days of fishing I have ever had.
Looking forward to fishing with them and having them out this way again soon!!



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Caught very few fish but compared to quite a few more productive trips this one gets the blue ribbon! Nothing is better than spending time with good friends except seeing kids have fun!
Took me a while to get pictures into the cloud. Here's some from the trip........

Chris gets a good un

Shu catches up

Serious fishing on Wilson Creek


Now it's time to play

Wouldn't it be grand if adults could get along instantly the way kids do?

This is my favorite. As fun as Darrell is for other adults ... he's the man when it comes to kids!

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