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I noticed in my recent posts list that most of my contributions lately have gone something like
"Six pages is enough of this subject, thread closed"
Time for a change of pace post.

Among other life changes, I've rebooted my fishing world over the last year. I now have unfettered access to a little old farm pond, full of friendly 8-13" bass, less friendly 5" bluegill and wall-to-wall with turtles & frogs. I've set up for kid-friendly fishing, since we have a 12-yr old son in the house and several nephews, nieces, young neighbors and family friends that expect to catch fish when they visit uncle/Mr. Jeff. I always keep 2 Zebco's rigged and ready in the garage, mostly with soft plastics. That's what I've been using too - trying not to get into gear and tactics that the kids can't mimic (and trying to keep the expensive gear intact!). All the shiny specialty rods & reels & tackle stay tucked away deep in the back of the garage.

Well, almost all. Sunday night there were no kids around, so I went out for a few casts with something different. I pulled out a larger Sebile Magic Swimmer that has barely ever seen water (too afraid to lose it) and never met a fish. I tied it to the zebco 33 & BassPro freebie rod and crossed my fingers that I wouldn't snap it off on a cast or hang it up in a tree.
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It looked awfully sweet swimming just under the surface near dusk and I commented to my wife that this bait really should catch something in these light & surface conditions. Within a minute a garbage can-sized hole got blown in the pond and it was on. I fought it mostly using the drag control dial on the poor little reel. He toured the entire pond and came in for a soft landing after a few minutes.

As usual when I pull in a decent fish, I was sure this was double-digits, biggest bass I've ever caught, get the camera and call the WRC! The truth-serum in the scale brought me back to reality, but still registered 6lb 8oz (I hate that scale) and the measure board confirmed at just over 23".

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I believe I have hooked this fish 3 times. Caught it last fall on a super fluke, shook me off last week on a horny toad, now caught again on the Sebile. Part of the reasoning for thinking its the same fish is that I get out there several times a week for "meditation" - way over 100 fish worth - and I have not caught anything between 14 inches and this. The other part is more of a man-vs-beast ideal - I like the thought of trying to outsmart this one fish a whole lot better than the thought that this pond is full of these things and I've only seen 3 in all the casts & lures I've put out there.

I love doing 'grounds maintenance' over there. Removed a ground bee nest last year that had stung one little girl pretty badly before we moved in. Killing fire ants, poison ivy and nettles as they pop-up. Even doing a little shoreline tree grooming to make some casting lanes (for the kids, of course - ha!) without removing the cover/shade completely. I'm having a great time, and the kayak never leaves the garage. Everything changes eventually, and I'll get back on that plastic water pony at some point, but this is working out pretty well for now.

There is no doubt that the Lord has dropped this on me, at this time, for a purpose. While I figure out the purpose, I'm sure enjoying the meditation!

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Whatever the bass version of "Catfish Hunter" is, congrats on catching him! You need to name him, and go back and find him again next year and see how much he weighs.
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