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Had some minnows left over from Monday night fishing for crappie so decided to take them with me today. Nots send out on line with bobber and worked a worm, spinner and cranks on other line. Very early on bobber goes under and a nice 1 pound bass on board, felt like a horse on the light action rod I use for crappie.

a few casts later playing a worm landed a nice 1.5 pounder. Finally another bobber hit a very good sized crappie. Ended up with five of this size over the 2 hours.

worked a spinner bait because the wind really picked up making tossing plastics were I want them almost impossible. Tossed on along the bank line and slam something grabs hold of it and feels good sized however never comes to surface as I would expect a bass to do. Turns out was a nice 3 pound catfish.

got two more small fingerling bass on a jig. Overall a fun 2 hours with variety of fish and techniques.
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