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A newbie from Cumberland County

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Hello to all. I am recently retired and after 40 years I would like to begin fishing more than I have in the past 30 something years. I would love to find a local fishing buddy to chat with.:)
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Welcome to NCAngler and congratulations on your retirement. We have a lot of folks from your area on board and I'm sure some of them will be happy to chat with you about local fishing.
Welcome Tadpole. We'd be happy to invite you to join the Fayetteville Fishing Mafia @ Monterey Mexican Restruant for a Meet & Greet of Fayetteville anglers.
Welcome aboard the site. Come on out tonight and meet some of the group.
Hey, what's the location and time guys?

I'll try to sneak out... might have my boys with me...
Monterey Mexican Restruant in the Westwood Shopping Center @630P
Thanx Backlash!

Welcome on Tadpole! plenty of local folks I'm sure to help ya out
welcome to the site
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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