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Yesterday morning I dropped my Jet Ski at Lynhaven Inlet and trolled for Striped Bass in the Atlantic off of Cape Henry and Virginia Beach. There was plenty of Bait and some gannets diving at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay but no real fish marks or hits on my line.

It was still well worth the trip as I saw six Humpback Whales, one of them breached a couple of times way off in the distance so I could not get a decent picture.

Have a big blow and cold front coming today so I will not be out for a couple of days. Here are a couple pictures I took yesterday.

This is still my favorite picture I took of a whale in January 2013. "Humpback Breach At The Beach" I took this from my jet ski while off of Virginia Beach Va.

The Bald Eagle was hanging out in my front yard when I got home.

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