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Despite weather forecast before and after...Sunday looked like a pretty tolerable day to fish some DH water in Ashe County so we met on the stream about 9:30. Temps had risen to upper 30s/low 40s and there was no wind. Sweet.

Stream was a little low and crystal clear. As is often the routine on one of these stream clinics, we start with a dry fly(whether it seems reasonable or not from a catching standpoint...) ...then shift to a dry and dropper nymph. Due to the conditions, we were making a little longer casts than normal. Third drift a fish took the nymph. That was pretty much the routine for the next hour or so. Got rid of the dry and shifted to an egg and nymph combo under a strike indicator. That was a pretty consistent producer for the rest of the day. We fished upstream; we fished downstream; we fished wooly buggers; we fished deep with extra split shot and we fished shallow; we worked on mending upstream and down and we worked on roll casts and water hauls. Although all techniques produced fish....the indicator/egg/nymph combo was the most consistent producer....but more "technique" than simply dead drifting....

Fish cooperated all day. By about 3, a chilly light rain had rolled in...and we called it a day...after just one more fish.... We fished with out gloves all day...but water temps were definitely a bit chilly on feet...even with fleece pants and wool socks.

Rain came in steady last night in Ashe County and most streams were high and dingy this morning.
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