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Category: Freshwater Tournaments

Location: Kerr Lake,

Sponsoring Organization or Charity: Deep Creek Lures

Contact Name/Phone: Chad Conwell - 252-717-8602

Website link for more information:

ABA Division 15 - Will Have A Tournament At Kerr Lake - on Saturday May 30, 2015
At County Line Ramp - 188 COUNTY LINE RD MANSON, NC 27553

Visit use on Facebook!

Registration start at 4:15am and ends at 5:20am*,
we will have a short meeting on the water at 5:25am and launch at 5:31am or safe light.
Tournament ends at 3:00pm**, weigh-in begins at 3:05pm.
You may trainer your boat before weighing in.

Pay on line 10 day before Tournament $70.00.
If Less than 10 days you can pay at Ramp $70.00 plus $5.00 late fee.
If you are Active Military there is no late fee.
We also have a Big Bass Option for $5.00 and a TWT for $10.00
* If you our going to be late to the ramp please call 252-717-8602 by 5:22am, if you do not you will not be able to fish!
** If you have a boat problem call ASAP 252-717-8602. If you are going to leave early please call 252-717-8602!
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