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Just wanted to see if anyone else is fishing the ABKMT in mid october and what you think about the postponement. I had heard that some northern fishermen made it all the way to Neuse before hearing the tournament was postponed, I guess none of us had it that bad but it was still a dissapointment, I guess the upside is that it should be better fishing that time of year, and definitely not as hot, just interested to hear yalls viewpoints.
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We held our KMT last year (TOFC) during Mid-October. We usually have it earlier but had to delay (not postpone, it was a planned delay) for internal reasons. The fishing is better for sure - the Kings are close to shore that time of year. The down side for us was that fewer SKA folks fished in it because we were the last tourney most of them were already either qualified for the nationals or had no chance at getting enough points so they didn't fish.
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