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Absolutely Slayed the Channel Cats at Sharon Harris Today

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All caught on fresh shrimp....can U say Fish Fry....!
Water temp was 79...fishin in 12 foot of water...just wor um out.
Those fish were feeding heavy...none stop action from 4 to 6.
I used a small drum type rig with a small circle hook...they were all hooked right in the corner of the mouth...just a good day.
Been a while since a went catfishing...I had forgotten just how much fun it can be this time of year...
Sharon Harris is one Great Channel Cat fishery.
Super Cool. :)


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Now that's a haul of catfish!! Nice job
Nice catch. My largest take out of Harris in one night. 51 pounds of fillets. Freezer stocked.
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Its weird cuz the bite in the creek that I caught channels all winter longs seems to have shut down since the water warmed up.. Maybe I've just tried the wrong days so far.... Nice catch on the catfish by the way!
Looks fun! Taking my son out to SH soon, was going to do some bream fishing but it would be fun to see him hook up with some bigger fish. I assume you were fishing on the bottom? That is drum rig is equivalent to carolina rig?
Weight with 3 inches of leader and a small circle with drag fairly snug...and the fish hook themselves in the corner of the mouth. Good for no hassle release. :)
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I did my first ever jugline fishng for cats in the kayak at Kerr Lake a few weeks ago. They were biting between 6:30-7:00, then quit. 5 flatheads 1 to 5 lbs. One channel at 1+ lbs. Fun chasing the bottles in a yak. As mentioned earlier, the circle hooks made to an easy safe C&R.

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I switched to circle hooks after so many cats swallowed regular hooks... +1 for circle hooks for C&R.
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