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For sale is a brand new never used Accent Transformer FX Paddle. This item lists on Austin Kayak for $239.99. I'm asking $100. It has different attachments and can be used as a regular paddle, SUP paddle, or stake out/push pole. I don't want to mess with shipping it, so buyer needs to be in Triangle area.

Product Description and Specs Its a kayak paddle, no, its an adjustable SUP paddle, no, its a push and stakeout pole. Which is it? Its all of them. The new Accent Transformer FX Paddle has it all. I forgot, it also has a ruler system on the shaft for measuring your catch. Check out Accents latest versatile paddle for the fisherman who wants everything in one product.
• Fiberglass shaft, fiberglass nylon blades
• Ruler system for measuring your catch
• Transforms into stakeout pole
• Transforms into kayak paddle
• Transforms into SUP paddle
Item #:
Shaft Type:
Shaft Size:
Blade Shape:
Low Angle
Blade Material:
Fiberglass reinforced nylon
Blade Size:
7.1 x 18 in
36 oz / 1020.58 g
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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