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Advice wanted

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I have been an avid outdoorswoman, but I am fairly new to fishing. I have two little boys 5 and 3 who are eager to fish. We shore fish and we have a canoe. However, I think the experience would be better for them if we actually caught something. So I am looking for any information on fishing clinics in my area (Roxboro, NC - near Raleigh Durham area) Or any tips in general. Where and when to go, bait to use. I would like to fish the lakes in my area, Hyco, Mayo, Chub Lake, or After Bay reservior.

Thank you in advance!
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Welcome Want2fish (and the boys)!

Hyco is the only one of those that I've been to (and only twice). Its chock full of small, eager largemouth bass and the power plant heated water keeps them active year round. It also chock full of private boat docks. I really don't know anything about public shore access there.

If you can find a public fishing dock or somebody to let you fish from their private dock, I would think a couple kids would have a great day catching bass & crappie off the pilings this time of year with small minnows.

You can shore fish from under the bridges - may not be the most kid-friendly technique as the fish could be suspended pretty deep. Something like a slip-bobber rig fished 12 feet deep would be my suggestion, but that's a lot to manage for little guys.

The after bay below the Hyco dam sounds like a good place for panfish & catfish but I have no idea about access. I've been told that they don't let (much? any?) water through the dam when the lake is low, so there may not be much heated or moving water down there right now.

Wish I could tell you more, but I just don't have a lot of experience up there. Good luck in your search and please let us know what you find!
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For getting kids started I recommend small hooks and live baits. Hard to beat a cricket or red wiggler on a #6 gold hook under a bobber from 12-24 inches deep in shallower waters.(over 18" gets hard for a kid to cast) I like a cane ole or "bream buster" for kids real young so they don't cast.(tape an old drink bottle to the back end and if/when they lose the pole it will float) Fish close to docks/piers, grasslines, structure in general and you should find some small panfish to keep them entertained. As the weather warms fishing shallows will get much better!!
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Small crappie type hooks, worms and minnows are a perfect start and introduces them to handling baits. The minnow's are much more fun than worms (or at least with my two boys 7 and 2).

From the bank/shore/dock the easiest thing is just put on bait on a small hook and use a bobber.

Sometimes to help get action to the bobber,,, (if there's no birds around), crumple up some bread and throw it in the general area... ;)

Keep at it and during the non-fish catching "boring" time... that's the perfect time to talk with them and also pick thru tackle and all that... Dadda has to keep a sharp eye out though on that bobber!! Kids will find something other than watching the bobber rather quickly.

Another tip to help keep their interest peaked is, the occasional tossing of a small stone in the general vicinity of the bobber to make it "appear" a fish is near.... ;):) (note- they catch you doin it.. yer busted for life!! so be sneaky)

When they do catch a fish... WHoop it up!! no matter what size!

Good luck and anytime you can take a kid fishin... it's all worth it!

here's my current crew of 2 fisher pix:

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near roxboro: little river reservoir and lake michie -- both great for bass, bluegill, crappie, etc. unfortunately, both prob. closed now (because of winter but also because water levels at both places are dramatically down), but keep them in mind later this spring. little river rents boats and electric motors (can't bring in your own, not even a yak), not sure about michie, but think it does as well.

fyi // joel
I used to catch some nice Crappie/Bream in Creedmore Lake off of the pier. Good place for kids. They have bathrooms and a play area too. Been a few years so I dont know how it is now..
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