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After a 7 year hiatus finally back to fishing

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and feel like I have NO idea what I'm doing...haha! After meeting my soon to be ex-wife and being with here for 1.5 years (2007) I went vegetarian and gave up fishing. Put all my equipment in storage adn gave away a 9.5ft Basshound boat (still have the 5hp Mercury Force.) Last month I FINALLY started fishing again leaving in Smithfield. I've hit Jordan, Buffalo Creek, Emerald Isle, and most recently Buckhorn with NO luck (until Buckhorn, pic to follow.) Back then I would fish offshore with my stepdad for Kings and bottom fishing. Would often hit the spanish/bluefish run in late summer and would occasionally troll Kerr (only to catch channel cats on silver diving minnow.) Now that I'm getting back into I feel lost and overwhelmed since I was young and never really decided where to go, only what tackle to use as it was done for me.

Anyways, here was my catch at Buckhorn!

Caught 2 bass and what I believe were 2 white perch this size.

TLDR, finally back to fishing and may as well be a total noob...
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I ain't too far down the road from you. Maybe we can get on some Neuse River Cats sometime
Nice. You can ask and learn a ton here. Welcome!
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