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Wind out of the north and north east and blue bird skies and if im not mistaken there was a front that passed yesterday, and 1 star on the solunar table, no way I was supposed to catch a fish today, oh yeah, falling water too, I should have just slept in and spent the day working in the yard or something.

Put in about 6:30. A guy about dropped a Bass Tracker off the trailer 1/2 down the ramp, the motor caught it before it completely fell off, I helped him get it off the ramp. I started out running a few places in hopes of finding a shad spawn, it wasnt happening but I did catch 3 on top and had a few more blow it out of the water and not get hooked, 2 3 lbers and a 2.5, they all looked spawned out. I gave up on a topwater bite and decided to go flip some bushes as I know the corps pulled the plug and today would probably be my only opportunity before they go high and dry. In the next 2 or 3 hours I put 6 solid keepers in the boat, about 3 lbs each and all spawned out. After that I decided to go prospect some offshore areas that usually turn on about now, I picked up a 13" fish on a shakeyhead. Put it on the trailer about 3:30. Ended the day with 9 keepers and one short, I hate to think what it might have been like on a "good" fishing day.

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Just helps prove that knowing how fish react to current conditions is more important than where the moon/sun is. Good job.
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