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albies in flip flops and shorts (video)

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I used to think about fleece and bib overalls when I thought about albie season. The last few years it's been more of a flip flops and shorts thing (at least the first half of the season). Threw together a quick vid from the other day chasing them near the cape.

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Awesome video!

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Nice... hope they are at the inlets mid-October.
Me and philbrick got into a few couple weeks ago there were literally thousands of them eating glass minnows. Bet that was a blast on the fly rod.

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Looks like a whole lotta fun! What kind of boat are y'all on there?

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Some nice vids with the long pole John.
Thanks guys, they are such a fun fish on fly.

Horsehead - we were in my buddy's Carolina Skiff DLV...was fine on the ride out, but we got soaked and our brains beat out on the ride back when the wind picked up.
Awesome video!! Looks like loads of fun!
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