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All around reel

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i would like to have an all around reel, dependable, durable and not too pricey. One which I can use for bass fishing and also for saltwater fishing for bigger game. I am thinking of getting the daiwa BG 30. Any comments on this?

How about other brands, models? Are the Roddy (apparently by Penn) any good?
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Hi Freeman - welcome to NC Angler.

I don't have any expeirence with the Diawa model you mentioned.

For saltwater big game trolling I like the Avet reels. I use and recommd the Shimano Stradic or Sedona spinning reels for inshore/nearshore and FW bass fishing. Lately I've been using a Abu Garcia casting reel and that seems to be very well made too.

Good luck, we look forward to hearing about your fishing expeirences.
If I had to pick one reel to go both ways I would proably go with the Garcia 5500C3 bait caster or the Garcia or Cardinal 174 spinning reel as it will stand up to the salt. Another choice would be the Okuma EFS 30 spinning reel.
While the diawa bg 30 is a great saltwater reel it is a little heavy for bass fishing.for a spinning reel I would recommend shimano. While not the workhorse a bg 30 is it is much more pleasant to use and will hold up several yrs in the salt with regular cleaning and maintenance. my pick would be whatever I could afford in the 4000 size. Even their cheapest models have worked me. My personal favorite is the stradic 4000. I feel they are the best I can afford. I've had one stellla model but I have lost too many reels over the side to fish with $500. reels on $300. rods.
You may want to take a look at the Abu Garcia 5500 C3 reel. It is a round spool baitcaster and I use it for both fresh and salt water.
I'll second what Al mentioned, Shimano would be a good all around reel.
Okuma is making some good reels that wont cost ya an arm and a leg either and they hold up pretty well.. I've had no problems with either.

Okuma AV series if you dont want to spend alot
Shimano Sedona if you want to spend a little more

I'll even toss in the Penn SS series, an old 4300/4400SS would be a great all around fresh and salt water type inshore light tackle reel

Oooh.. here comes the tackle monkey.... he heard me talkin' 'bout fishin gear and stuff, so I better go.... :)
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