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Alvey reel?

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I saw drumrunner mention these reels in another thread so I looked them up. I have to say I've never seen an odder looking reel before. They seem to be pretty popular in Australia. I can see how they have the advantage of being reliable, but the drag system seems insufficient and the reel just looks flimsy. Plus casting them looks like a chore. They've been around for a long time though. Has anyone ever used one or even seen one? They are cheap enough of ebay, I'm half tempted to buy a vintage one just to take it apart and look at it.
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Friend of mine collects reels and he has an Alvey and a custom Alvey rod. Pretty cool. I have yet to see it in use though.
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I'd be interested to see stats on how they perform compared to casting or spinning reels.
There aint nothing really to open up on an Alvey. It's real simple. It's fiberglass and stainless. You can throw it in the ocean, retrieve it next week and cast it.

I would use an Alvey rod if I got an Alvey reel. The biggest difference is the butt length which makes it much more user friendly.

They cast far.
Alveys aren't as popular as they use to be but there is still a strong following.
Never judge a book by it's cover. You saw over hand lob casts with my stupid looking fishing rods that don't have eyes on them. You saw how it loaded. But lots of folks refused to buy it or endorse it because it "don't look right".

An Alvey isn't for everyone. I'm going to try some Alvey casting though. When I get a setup put together Anybody that wants to toss it around is welcome to come over.
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