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After a gusty couple days at the coast, I found myself with a couple hours to work with before heading home and decided to pursue my first white shad. In my experience, one does not simply just decide to catch their first of a species and do it in the same day, so I went into it with an open mind. jbarefoot22 and myself launched mid afternoon and began to seek out a good seam to sling into.

It started slow, as we wanted to ease our way in around several folks already positioned and fishing. Eventually, some folks left, others moved, and my 10 foot Wildy Tarpon and I found the spot we wanted. Sho'nuff, within 5 casts down this stretch, fish on! I was pumped. But wait. there's more! They kept biting steady for another 30 minutes, and I caught double digits, including an angry double hookup. The bite tapered off as the sun got more scarce, and waves of action seemed to correlate with the sun breaking through the clouds. Couldn't tell you how many spit the hook but I finished with 12 all on the dub-grub.

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The stud of the day went for 21" (The thing fought like a bull, I can only imagine the fun Mechanic Bob had with his 24+ incher!!!)
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