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Saturday, 2-25-06: We are back from the FISHERMANS POST FISHING SCHOOL and it went very well I thought. Thanks to all who attended and everyone else that made it possible!!
OK, here goes as promised:::
we met up with Jason Simmons and his wife June along with Gary Gilbert and Mark Talton. I thought we were going after just some Black Sea Bass when I heard someone say I sure would like some grouper. This changed everything!!! Knowing that this time of year the Grouper were offshore in deep water, and the forecast was for the winds to pick up offshore that evening, I had to form a game plan. We would head out to a deep rock 45 miles offshore SE of the Tower and when the winds picked up we could head to the shoal area around the tower. Since the winds were supposed to be from the NW, the shoals would have a tendency to keep the seas laid out.
I LOVE IT WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We had a good ride out, we were crusing at 31 knots and were at our first spot by 8:30AM. The current was running fairly strong and the first pass was in vain. I thought, did I make a wrong call and run all this way for nothing, then I noticed I had made a pass up current from the rock (still early in the morning, being as I was up till 3:30AM the night before and got up at 5:00AM).
I repositioned the boat and crossed down current where the rock/ledge was being used as a current break. OK Chris, get on the anchor windlass, here they are!!! Down went the anchor and when it hooked up the boat swung right over top of our projected fishing hole. The usual bite started as it so often does in Grouper fishing. The feeding activity was more than they could handle. We were putting some nice bottom fish in the boat when the grouper said, "enough is enough" two small reds came aboard, then two nice reds in the 9 to14 lb. range, then a gag around 16 lbs.
Now June Simmons, not to be out done, hooked up with a big fish. There were all kinds of predictions as to what it was. When it was finally boated, she had landed a 28 lb. NC Citation Jack Cravelle, YOU GO GIRL!!! Now, about this time, as we had figured, it was time to pull anchor as the seas were building out here in the deep water fast. It's time to go to calmer water, so we pulled anchor and ran the 15 miles back to the tower/shoal area. Here at the end of the shoals, the shoal had it knocked down to only 2 feet. We finished up the day here in this area and by the time we left to head home the seas were down to around 1 foot or less.
Everyone had a great day of fishing with plenty of fillets for the grill!! Today we caught; Bonito's, Amorings, Black Sea Bass,2 Flounder,B-Liners(vermillion snapper) triggerfish,sharks, Jack cravelle, Joltheads, Pinkys, Grey Snapper, Red Grouper, and gag grouper. What a day of fishing we all had!!!!
The report from the Gulfstream is promisingwith Yellowfin Tuna, Blackfin Tuna,and Wahoo being caught this weekend. With the mild winter we have had so far, The stream action may get off to a little earlier than usual start this year. Don't think that will make anyone mad!!
As I have said before, find a day you can get out, go to the fish, and you can have a great day like this too!!!! Check out the pic's on my site under "FISHING REPORTD & CATCH PHOTOS". It sure looks like this is going to be a GREAT Fishing Season!!! Till next time, FISH ON!!!! Capt Butch Foster, Capt Chris Foster, and "Private Bodie" the fish dog says HI!!!!.
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