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that excatly what my girlfriend said as this old gal followed me home one night-don't ya hate it when that happens?

it is a 1971 terry bass boat. stick steer with a 50 horse johnson, a 12volt omc troller.. all a package deal for the bill yanking price of $300-he told me price i yanked out the money-

it needs some work -well duh!- the wiring looks like a 12 year old done it.. the starter selinoid is fubar the starter cranks very well. needs new fuel hoses and gas tank-which i have- i need to rebuild the rod locker doors -there is 2 of them. the front compartment door. while i was home on vaction today i got the lights and the troller switches.. am trying to finish the plywood brace that holds the throttle.

i removed 50 feet of dead end wiring and now doing the biggest pita the wiring..
i intend to duck hunt the coastal areas. though this boat will look completely differant in her mud brown camo job i have waiting in the wings.. you may see it if your near clear lake or out in the sound..


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That's the next boat I'm looking for. I want something easy to handle for when I go out alone..
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