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Guided these two boys (remember them from a week ago) on a trip this past Sunday when it was so windy, and rainy, and otherwise nasty. Left the dock at dawn hoping that the most recent weather radar that I saw was correct in showing that the rain was quickly moving away. Departed in a steady rain with the northwest wind blowing 15+. Didn't expect much except to probably come home in a couple of hours wet and cold. Got worse when arriving at our fishing hole and just couldn't fight the wind enough to fish. While rocking pretty steady, still getting soaked, and drifting away quickly, Dad ("the guide") spies an opposing shoreline within a lee. Fired up the outboard and headed that direction.

Having never fished this piece before "the "guide" was lacking confidence. Set up to drift at first and realized that I had read the wind wrong, exactly opposite, so fired up again and motored to the other end of shoreline. Perfect! Started a nice, calm drift and quickly picked up a good sized gar. A few minutes later SOMETHING started peeling line off of the 15 year olds reel. Fought him for 10 or so minutes around several obstacles before it broke off. Boys got a quick glimpse, swear it was a fish, not a ray, maybe another DRUM. Oh well tackle was very light maybe next time.

After this we reset and resumed our drift. STARTED CATCHING SPECS! We ended up drifting this bank several times that day because of the wind, it was the only place we fished. These fish took some work. Funny thing; we probably threw a dozen different baits and every single one of these trout hit the same lure. Glad that I had three of them. We fished for about 7 hours but the boys didn't mind because they informed "the guide" that these were QUALITY fish. As it turned out we kept 11, one short of limiting out, not bad: big fish 21 1/2 inches couple of 19 1/2inches several 16 and 17 inch and one 14. Fall fishing is here!!


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Great day. Some of those look fat!
You have to tell us what was the magic bullet.
Was that plate of fish for one of the boys? Not enough for two young boys and others. Keep frying. Nice haul in bad conditions.

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