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So winter has been good to me and Abert43 so far. :) It is christmas break and when I'm not working or with the fam we are most likely out trying to rack up. Today was for the most part, one of those days. We started in the morning at a local creek we thought would be promising but it was just too muddy, and even with plenty of attempts trying to at least catch something small we decided we would just head for the ponds! It turned out to be a good choice. At first we went to another secret pond that usually produces, but we got skunked. It was kind of warm too, but I guess the fish just wanted nothing to do with our lures. We then decided after much debate that we would go to the pond that has really been producing for us in the winter, because who wants a skunk, right? ;) It fished a little bit differently then it had previously but we adjusted and both me and abert caught some small ones at first. It took maybe 30 minutes of casting before my lure just got absolutely slammed by a big girl! It was a decent fight and I managed to get her up to the bank despite how feisty she was. I was guessing over 6lbs and was hoping to break my record lmb but scale measured her around 5lbs 8 ounces, a couple ounces short of my record. Not too bad for mid december though.:D

Tree Fish Smile Fawn Tail
Face Jaw Tree Smile Plant

Me and Abert were both hoping for another monster fish but in the next hour only caught small ones that were barely picture worthy. At the end of the day we did have some nice totals though. Abert had 9 total and one that was nearly 2 lbs. I managed 6 total including the biggun.

Water Sky Vertebrate Lake Mammal
Water Sky Fish Watercourse Lake
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