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Another Great Day on Lake Upchurch 26th Apr 2014

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Yesterday, I went out on the water with Jonathan Grady in search for more Kayak War points. The weather was really nice and the wind wasn't blowing to bad! We hit the water at 8am and fished until 3:30 pm. We wanted to focus on catching Carp, Crappie, Bream and bass. The water level of the lake was down by 3 feet and that really changed where we were targeting fish. Jonathan's wife made us a GREAT carp bait and it was killer! I was getting hits on every cast! With in my first 5 minutes on the water I landed a nice 17 inch carp.

Fisherman Fish Tail Ray-finned fish Fishing

the carp bite today was very fast! they would bite and take the bait with in 15 to 20 seconds of the bait hitting the water. After fishing for carp for a couple of minutes we decided to check out a new crappie spot so we changed out rods and I started to tight line some minnows. I picked up 2 small crappie in 15 feet of water. we then headed for the dam. We could see carp jumping all over the lake! We wanted to try to see if we could pull some carp out of the grass lines in the coves. As we pulled into the cove we saw some carp jumping but we didn't get any bites. We fished there for about an hour and I had a really good feeling that the carp were on the other side of the lake under the docks. We pulled up anchor and started fishing for the carp about 2 feet in front of the docks. And then it was ON! WE FOUND ANOTHER HONEY HOLE FULL OF CARP! On all most every cast we were hooking up with a nice carp! Here are some pics of the carp form the new honey hole!

Mirror Yellow Fisherman Fish Fishing
Fin Fish Fisherman Recreation Fishing
Water Fisherman Outdoor recreation Fish Jigging
Water Shorts Fisherman Fish Boat

We pull over 20 really nice fish from the new honey hole together! And I can tell you if you have never fished for carp they are a great fighting fish and a lot of fun! We then wanted to head back to the spot we started at and try for to see if we could find more carp. I hooked into my biggest carp of the day and broke me off!
He was pulling so hard that I couldn't even turn his head! I put a new leader and hook on and on the next cast landed a nice 17.5 inch carp

Fish Recreation Tail Fisherman Fishing

The totals for the day for me was I ended with 2 crappie, 14 carp and 3 bream. 8 carp we for points for wars. I know Jonathan ended with 10 carp for points and landed some crappie, warmouths and bream. I had a great time out on the water and look forward to my next adventure at Lake Upchurch!
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Rocky here. I like your report and I ended up with 4 nice carp of my own (thanks to you and Jonathan). I got em on that small ugly stick so the fight was on! I'm still disappointed in my bass performance. I'm not sure what I did wrong. Still a great day though. Nothing better than fishing at someone else's expense! Thanks for the help and that awesome carp bait.
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