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While we're a fishing board, I imagine that some of you like to visit museums as well.

On Saturday 9/27, while the Red X'ers will be chasing fish and swapping stories at Bay River, the rest of the country can go to museums for free .... with some up front work.

The Smithonsian is sponsoring a "Free Museum Day" on Sat 9/27. In NC, the Mint Museum of Art, Frisco Native American Museum, Reynolda House, Old Salem, and others are participating.

You need to visit the link below, sign up for the museum you want, and print off the pass. It's good for 2 people (I imagine you can creatively find a way to get a 2nd or 3rd pass if you need it).

Good luck! If you can't fish with the Red X guys on that Saturday, get cultured instead!
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