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if so what do you fish for im mainly in to large mouth and catfish but pretty much happy when i catch anything anything is better then nothin. i just started fishing it and it swinter so not much luck a couple of channel cats in the 5lb range. i hear in the spring it is a nice bass fishing river cause there is not alot of fishing pressure its really only accessible to small boats, canoes kayaks john boats. any tips on time of year bait places on the river for both catfish and bass would be appreciated

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I've fished Rhodes pond which is fed by the black river in godwin. Have seen good cats being pulled out and also some real healthy crappie were pulled in when I was scouting the other day. Guy got off his boat and showed me some nice slabs that him and his son had caught.

The state record bowfin was caught out of the black river also. Not much to eat but they fight real hard and are very aggressive.
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