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This is for the owners of Maxwell Mill Pond/Camp Ground and any of their friends,

Quite a few years ago before the gate incident and the draining of the pond (Which was an accident) I had made quite a few comments on this site (Not about the great fishing and the lake being my favorite all-time honey-hole) but about the owners' seemingly lack of concern for the lake and more concern of her feline refuge. For one, it is not, never was and never will be my property, so my comments were very out of line and uncalled for. It could very well have hurt her business and her livelihood. It was never my intention of doing was just my opinion and nothing else. What the owner does with her property is her business and I should have kept my well-known BIG MOUTH SHUT!!! I would like to take this opportunity on this public forum to apologize to Ms. Phyliss (sic) and her brother for any and all disparaging remarks that I made. I have always told people on this forum, both in public and in private messages what a great place to fish that it is/was/and will be again. Again to Ms. Phyliss...I am truly sorry for any and all stupid and heartless comments I have made over the years about your cats.


Joe "boredgunny" Marty
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Good place. Caught some very nice fish there...
It was restocked with bass, bream and crappie after the old dam gate was fixed about two years ago. There is tons of bait fish so the crappie have grown large. Crappie spawn about three times a year and lay about 30,000 eggs each time. The bass are all in the range of two pound footballs already. I and a friend were out there about six weeks ago and each caught a limit of bass with my largest being 6.2 pounds and his being a 5.12 pounds. When the bass bite quit we started trolling for crappie and caught several in the two to three pound range. You have to remember that the original dam was built (Most likely with slave labor) around 1850. The old mill is still in place and was where the Maxwell family lived. There was a store and a doctors' office and patient area in the building. With the problem with the dam gate and the restocking complete, the owners have turned the lake into a "Catch & Release" lake only, until the owners feel that the lake is starting to produce the size and quality of fish that it was always known for. It was my best ever honeyhole!!! But as my buddy said, "I should have kept my big mouth shut and not told anyone about it". Before the dam gate problem, we usually were the only one's on the lake with maybe two other boats. I never seen it in its heyday. It looks like it was a pearl of a campground with its own store/bait shop/swimming pool and plenty of electric hookups for convenient camping. It only costs $5 per person to get in and fish and if you don't have a boat there are plenty of different types of row boats to pick from absolutely free. We only use a trolling motor but have seen people use gas motors. I wouldn't...because of all the stumps immediately below the water. The lake is known to have a major weed problem in the summer months, so much so that you'd fare better with a pushrod than a trolling motor, unless you have one of those weedless props. I have no idea what the camping costs are. You would have to call the owner for those rates. Tent camping is also allowed. There is a walkout dock to fish from and I believe the shore fishing only costs $2.50 (But I'm not sure on that price).
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