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Fishing Report April 7, 2005:

Hi Folks,
Well we are finally thawing out after a long cold winter. And, according to the way my phone is ringing, there are a lot of fisherman who are READY to go fishing. I am right there with you. We have already made a few trips this year with below average results. The water temperatures out to twenty five miles have been slow to warm. Inshore the water is 59 and from the beach out to ten miles (as far as I have been so far) it is around 56. For good fishing we need 60-65 degrees, which this time of year could happen overnight. On a more positive note, yesterday I did note the first bird activity I have seen and a large amount of bait about 3 miles out. So things could and will change very rapidly.

Inshore: Fishing is slow. A few redfish and a few trout have been caught, but fishing has been very sporadic. Look for fishing to pick up soon as the water warms quickly now.

Nearshore: No bonito yet. Main catches are small sea bass and spiny dogfish sharks. The sharks are fun to catch, but looking forward to the bonito any day.

Offshore: King mackerel are biting 30+ miles out. Frying Pan Tower is as always a hot spot.

Gulfstream: The high point of the season thus far, the stream is having a great spring. Great catches of yellowfin tuna and wahoo are being reported by the boats getting out. Some boats are reporting catches of 20 and more tuna.

This week's pic of the week is of my new Sea Pro boat. She's beauty and a great platform to fish from.

Get those rods and reels ready, because the fishing will be here SOON!

Let's Go Fishing!!!
Capt. Rick Bennett
Rod-Man Charters
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