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Sometimes a question such as this needs to be asked to break the mold that big time advertising tries to put us in. The next time you get ready to go fishing or you are in the tackle section of a given store check out what they "label" thier rods as. Odds are you will se these "ratings"; Ulta-lite, Medium, and Medium Heavy. I'll give you a hint these "ratings" are really descriptions of the blanks "power" not it's "action". Very few if any actually truly describe power and action correctly.
So what are you missing? What if you had a 6' 6" Med/Lite action rod with a Fast/Extra Fast tip? If you have a rod set up like I've just described you know what every one is mising and you probably agree that they are fishing with less sensitive equipment that is all to often over powered for the fish you are stalking.
I thought this may be a good post to start this section off. After all if you are not confident in your tackle, odds are you won't fare well on your next outing.
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