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I waited until late Sunday afternoon to hit one of our DH streams in Ashe County, figuring the crowd would be gone. Fortunately, if there was a crowd it was gone by then. Water was low and clear. I rigged up following some suggestions of some competition fly fishing team members (long leaders and droppers tied to tag ends of tippet) The fish seemed to like it also and were not too picky on fly selection (wooly buggers, san juans and standard nymphs). I stayed on a stretch of stream no more than 100yds long and it seemed to have plenty of fish.

Monday morning, I didn't get on the stream until about 9:30...but still no crowd. I started on the same 100 yd stretch but the fish were much more selective and more skittish in the brighter light of morning. I was staying with essentially the same rig as the previous evening...but was now fishing a 10' 3wt competition rod. I managed a few fish there but then moved to another stretch of stream that appears quite shallow from the road but has several deep cuts and troughs. It held quite a few fish and they were a little more hungry....some on topwater, some on the same flies as Sun eve. and a few on the tan "wash mitt" caddis worm "flies."

Middday, I moved to another fairly popular spot, passing several other spot that had no anglers. It too held it's fair share of trout.

I quit by about 1:30...but drove some of the stream to check the number of anglers.... A few more for sure...but certainly not the crowd I was expecting to see.

Beautiful mountain weather; only a few other anglers; some cooperative fish...a good way to wrap up the DH fishing for me...until Oct.'s time to try and terrorize some New River smallies.
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