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This is actually my first post in the saltwater forum because 99% of my fishing is freshwater being a resident of Apex, NC. Normally when I make it to the beach it's to spend time with family and enjoy the waves, not leaving much time for fishing. But when I set out for Hilton Head this past weekend I intended to do some fishing, and boy was it fun. I don't have much experience saltwater fishing, in fact this was my 2nd time ever doing it so everything we pulled out was interesting to me. Between my dad and myself we caught flounder, reds, and some small baitfish as well as seeing (they wouldn't bite on anything) plenty of what I am guessing are flying fish continually jumping out of the water.

So after catching a small fish on a worm and cutting it into two pieces of the head and the body, I put the body chunk onto my quick and dirty saltwater rig I'd made and cast it out. After no activity for nearly 15 minutes, an enormous smack on my line and ZZZZZ the drag starts being taken like crazy. I set the hook hard and began to run around the small wooden bridge I was standing on over to the bank. I loosened the drag and let it take in an attempt to tire it out, pulling line back when it paused for a second or two. It was a solid five minutes of fight before I pulled out this monster, and also my very first red! Came in at 30.5 inches long. Not that saltwater people care too much about weight, but being a freshwater guy I had to weigh him. 8.4 lbs.

What an experience! A good buddy of mine swears by saltwater fishing and says reds are the best to fish for and eat, and after that I can see why (at least for the fishing stuff; this red was too big to keep as the SC limit is 28 inches). I later hooked up to a smaller one and it still put up a nice fight. Overall a great break from bass and a fun weekend.


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