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back from the south

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Well guys after many miles I found out that the drums did not beat at mosquito lagoon, but if you like to catch specks I would highly recommend it. We caught trout from 10" to 24" all on grubs and bobber and grub combo.The wind was tough, tried to flyfish but the wind dampened my enthusiasm with that.Naturally my wife caught the big fish of the trip of 24 inches also one that was 21 inches. Me I trudged right along with many just under the 15"size limit. All in all we had a great time, It was well worth the drive. "I`ll be back" as arnold says...later
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Mosquito lagoon is in florida. south of Daytona beach about 20 some miles.It`s part of the cape canaveral national seashore.
Mike, Mosquito Lagoon is just north of Cape Canaveral (Kennedy Space Center). It is a great place to kayak for reds and trout. Lots of skinny water and being mostly shallow, trouble for big boats. The space center is due east of Orlando and Mosquito Lagoon is just north and is part of Canaveral National Seashore. It is basically a landlocked sound that is at the head of Indian River and the ICW goes north thru Indian River into Mosquito Lagoon to the east and north again thru Mosquito Lagoon then north of that the ICW is basically a dreged canal for a pretty fur piece. Indian River runs from Mosquito Lagoon south to Jupiter Inlet (due east of Lake Okeechobee). Indian River is famous for gator trout. Plenty of other inshore species also.

Ogrefish, I'm glad to hear you survived the wind and got some good fishing in. A little wind is great but then it don't take much more for it to get troublesome. I've fished in the Lower Indian River when it wasn't blowing at all and it doesn't take long for the mosquitoes to make you tuck tail and run. AL
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Thanks Al couldn`t have said it better myself
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