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Backwater question

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I am looking at some property that is near the north end of Adams Creek. How is the fishing up that way?

Thanks in advance..
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Around club foot and South river, I've heard is pretty good... can't give you spots or anything, this is just in passing other anglers. My former landlord lived up that way, and its about all he did besides work was fish that area.

BTW, you're just down the road from me now and moving to adams creek would put you closer.. I live right on the edge of Havelock on the Newport side of town.

Good enough. The property is out Adams Creek Rd.

Heard that tarpon and big drum can be found in that general area.

Thanks for the reply.

My family has a condo on Taylors creek in Beaufort. Adams Creek/Haystacks/North River areas are all good spots for your typical inshore fish like flounder, drum, etc.. Near shore and offshore fishing on the Crystal Coast is also very good, and Adams Creek is a short run from Beaufort Inlet. Not too sure about the tarpon back up the creek, but then again Iv'e never really fished for them. That is definatley a good location.

thanks for the info.

I agree with you about the great fishing that the Crystal Coast has to offer - nearshore and offshore. Offshore is my favorite.

I really want to get into some of those large drum and tarpon up in the Pamilco sound area - hopefully that is near where the Nuese dumps in.

I have also heard that the tarpon are in that area around Oriental or so.

We are looking at selling the place we have at EI and getting one up on the Neuse at the north end of Adams Creek.

Thanks everyone,
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hi second to none, im catbird, aka. don , we have a place up river from adams creek at kennels beach, rite at duck creek if you know where that is.on the other side of the river also. but you can find trout, flounder tablefare in most of the creeks right now. drum also, but i return them for another day. the tarpon should show up early july, and august.part of sept. spanish in the channels during hot months chasing bait. lots and lots of bait. plenty of cownose rays, pest, but fun to catch when nothing else is biting. still have the crockers to fall back on, also in dec and jan the stripers are thick around newburn around the bridges. i guess if you get the property at adams creek we will be seasonal neighbors, so howdy neighbor. hope this helps. got to run, catbird..........
Adams Creek is a good jump off point for fishing for Drum, Flounder, croakers, trout, and a host of freshwater fish. Like was said earlier the stripers also visit the area and have been known to hang around from October to early May and there is a good resident population all year in some of the other creeks.
Thanks for all the info. This is sounding pretty good. With you on the catch and release, other than a flounder now and then, catch and release is all I would be doing.

Thanks again and will keep you posted...

<heh heh> Mind if I pitch a tent in your backyard? Sounds like a great location!
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