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ya i know i have been fightin the flu. but SHE twisted my arm and insisted.. she did have to twist it too hard.
nor did i know she was coming with me..

so we hit badin about 11:30am. water was fairly clear and 52. i did my normal long run first my favorite hole.
i was chunking a crankbait while she dragged a shakey head.. the fat free fry bite was on.. i caught 2 off a secondary point she caught 1, most were dinks.. i hooked up a good fish she pulled drag and fought well, i got her up to the boat and went to lip her and ping she got off the hook
:mad :
-i cussed like a sailor..

i checked the hooks on the fat free fry -it's on a diet-they were VERY sharp. my guess is she came down on the bait-i hate it when that happens- on ward we go moved to a secondary point still using the fat free fry and shakey head.. we short hop to a main lake point. i switched her to a lipless bait -red strike king- we work down the deeper side as i am marking a ton of bait fish.. she sets the hook and the drag starts screaming thinking she either has a striper or a cat fish.
when the "fish" broke the surface she pulled one of my stunts jamed the rod down in the water and cranked like mad.. when she finally got the "fish" to the boat. i got to see what it was. it was a friggin LOON
i was laughing too hard-like tears rolling- at the time to get a close up picture.. but here it is after i got it unhooked and it was swimming away..

if you have heard these beast at a distance you should hear one at arms lenth..eww are they loud angry critters.. of course you all know i am going to give her he!! about it for awhile..

we moved back toward the ramp still chunking the cranks i catch a nice blue catfish in the 5-6 pound range.-he found the live well-she wanted to "use that pretty lure"
so i switched her to a lucky craft lvr while i stayed with the fat free fry..
i run to a main lake point as we set down i notice fish busting at the surface. i hit the main lake point hard. then we moved out to the deep water busters. second cast i hook up a decent bass. she drills a fish which rolls at the surface. -holy flat head- she fought it claiming it fought harder than the loon
-****- it went down deep and broke her off. she cussed but did i as there went a $15 bait..

we headed for the ramp after that..

i just got done cleaning the blue cat fish she is going to cook it..


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Fish tacos are tasty too! Guess the "Loony Fisherlady" had fun!!...LOL!
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