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Badin Lake 5/28/2006

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Fishing would be alot better except for on the play boats on the water but still found fish.

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except for on the play boats on the water
I know what you mean - but only from a distance today. We fished a protected arm on Jordan this morning, paddle & elec only. Did just OK, but with 5 boats sharing about 2 sq miles of lake it was plenty peaceful.

When we drove back past one of the main lake ramps at noon they had already closed it (lot full) and the lake itself looked like a demolition derby - watercraft of all sizes zig-zagging every which way. Not sure how many per square mile, but it was way more than 2.5.

Good job pulling fish out of the unprotected water today!

Have you worn the "new" off that Nitro yet?
The wife had some out patient surgery done so not much fishing until she is healed up. I talked her into going yesterday and trying to get from 1 place to another hurt her some. I am sure the boat will be broke in by the end of the summer tho. :)
the top water bite on badin is awesome right now it is better than i have seen it in years..

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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