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Fished sun-up to about 3pm
Weather was cool in the upper 40's to low 50's, overcast and pretty calm
Water surface temps were pretty steady all day 47 - 48 degrees

I don't have any frame of reference for winter fishing, but I did work hard for the few bites I got. Threw a variety of baits: Pointer, xrap, red-eye shad, shakey head with zoom trick then later with a pit boss creature, C-rig speed craw, and a flash mob jr. Tried points, humps, steep banks, rocky drops, flats near deeper water, and shorelines with wood that were close to deeper water or where I saw bait in the area. It was lots of hours of quiet interrupted by a couple fish here and there. :D

Got one ambitious little perch (yellow perch?) on the Pointer early on.
Water Fin Fish Lake Sky

Got one on the shakey head pit boss late morning in about 10 feet of water
Water Smile Mammal Beard Fisherman

Got some interesting sonar images towards the end of the day when I went over what I thought at first was a brush pile but then remembered... I had been there last week in that same spot... there's no brushpile this size. This was a dense school of fish.

Rectangle Art Paint Font Painting
<-- just after noon

I just really wanted to know what they were (I had this crazy hope they were stripers or bass), so I started vertical jigging a red-eye shad. After a couple nips and short strikes, got a fish on ... good hefty crappie. Caught one more just for fun and moved on. I was here for bass. I saw a boat trolling up in the general direction of where I was, so before I moved I kicked the troller on high and went and asked if they were crappie fishing... figured they might be interested in this school since they appeared to be mostly keepers and I hated for it to not benefit someone. But they were trolling for stripes; they said thanks but kept moving along. Oh well.

Hit several new areas with only one to show for it all day, then hit the areas I caught fish in last weekend. Nothing. So... running out of time, I went back to where I had seen that school and they were still there, so I thought about all the people that sometimes catch bass while crappie fishing... figured maybe some of these were bass hanging under the crappie school. Red eye shad vertical jigging again, tried to get the screen image in the background with another crappie.

Hand Finger Gesture Fish Toad
<--- after 2pm, same spot!

Then with about 30 minutes left in my day I hooked something good-sized... if this was a crappie it was a giant! Nope, got what I came for... a nice keeper LMB a littler over 2.5lb. Quick picture and released on the spot.

Smile Glove Outdoor recreation Cap Fisherman

So got a perch, some crappie, and a couple bass. Slow day compared to some, but certainly beats a skunk! Does that count as a slam? :D

Merry Christmas to everyone
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