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I've made several trips to target Old Drum over the last couple years and have had a fair amount of success.
I noticed several of you guys recommend using cut mullet for bait. When we try that, we can't keep bait on for more than like 5-10 minutes, as the bait stealers will clean the hooks. What we've started doing is catching some of the bait stealers, pinfish and croakers, and using them alive for bait. Seems to work pretty good and we don't need to check our baits continuously.

I'm curious what some of you other guys do to beat the bait stealers, or do you just continuously rebait?

Gonna have to try the popping cork/swimbait method next time down. Sounds like one answer to the bait stealer issue.

Appreciate any tips.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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