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Bank fishing for Smallies around Black Mountain/Asheville

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Hey all, I typically fish for largies around Raleigh/Durham area but will be up in Asheville and Black Mountain for the weekend. I won't have my kayak with me but would love to catch my first smallmouth. Can anyone recommend some places I could bank fish as well as some lures you'd recommend this time of year (I would probably through some in line spinner and maybe a ned rig)? I've tried fishing the french broad but it seems tricky to find a good spot to fish from the bank.
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I am sure you went and I hope you had success. Fishing rivers or creeks from shore/land is a fluid activity. Keep moving and fishing as many holes and spots as you can find--especially out of sight ones. I grew up doing this in New England and have had many great days on smallies & trout. The 1st 10 spots could yield nothing and at the next is a 3 lb bronze monster jumping all over the place on your Mepps spinner. Good fishing to all.
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